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Things that make the Dekey wallet safer

  • Keyless: Wallet management without key generation using Secure MPC (Multi-party Computation) technology

  • Air-gapped Sign: High-speed distributed signature without private key generation

  • True MFA: Multifactor authentication combined with Secure MPC technology

  • Self-recoverable Backup: Emergency wallet recovery even when service is stopped

  • Two Channel Mnemonics: 2-channel distributed mnemonic backup

Why is the Dekey wallet convenient?

  • Sleep Well: Comfort without worrying about theft/lost encryption keys

  • Auto Confirm:'Safe automatic confirmation' for frequently repeated transactions

  • Multi-device: Simultaneous management of the same asset from multiple devices

  • Multi-chain: Supports asset management and dApp Browsing in Ethereum-like multi-chain

  • HW Wallet Integration: Supports asset management and dApp Browsing in connection with the existing ledger (multi-chain support)


Things you can do with the secure Dekey wallet

  • Normal Cryptocurrency Transaction: Management of Ethereum and Ethereum-affiliated coins/tokens

  • Easy Yield Farming: Maximize the work efficiency of daily multi-chain DeFi interest farming

  • Auto Confirm: Supports Auto Confirm for dApps that require frequent transaction approval

  • Hot Wallet: A personal/institutional hot wallet that replaces the HW wallet.

dkeys 2

Technologies applied to Dekey wallet

  • Network: Ethereum, Ethereum-based Chains (Binance Smart Chain, Klaytn), Ethereum L2 (Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon)

  • Platform: Chrome Extension

  • Cryptography: Secure MPC-based 2 Party ECDSA (key generation, sign, recovery)

  • Standard: ECDSA, BIP39, EIP1193, Web3

  • Asset: ETH, ERC20, BNB, BEP20, Klay, KIP7

  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Google Authenticator (OTP)

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